Friday, May 21, 2010


It’s hard think that there was a time that all I knew about Titanic was that it was a ship that sunk and there was a really big movie about it (one that I wasn’t even allowed to watch). So one year at the Science Center, a Titanic exhibit came for a limited time and that’s how I discovered the “unsinkable” ship. It was what sparked my interest, but it didn’t happen in a “WOW!” moment right then and there.

After a little bit of time had passed, I had read maybe one or two books on the subject and my best friend asked if I wanted to write a book together. I had always wanted to write a book before but always got bored after the first couple pages--not enough motivation I guess--so of course my answer was yes. After probably about a month of brainstorming what the subject should be I threw out the idea: Titanic. She took to the idea and it was settled. Neither of us knew much about the ship but we decided to write about it anyway. So I started researching (and I’m sure she did too), read a couple books and Googled a couple things. That was how the “WOW!” moment happened, and before I knew it, Titanic was my favorite thing to study. The many acts of courage and love, all the untold stories and mysteries, and just the fact that the ship was supposed to be unsinkable and it sank on its maiden voyage; I found all of it to be interesting.

I’ve been asked on more than one occasion why I like Titanic so much, but when you start doing research on something, it’s amazing how engrossed you become with it. If someone doesn’t know why the Titanic appeals to me so much, I simply can’t understand why it doesn’t to them.

So, I’m writing this blog to record all of my research and discoveries for other people to read. Even if you’re not a huge fan on the subject, I hope that you’ll keep checking in and reading my new posts and maybe you can learn something new and have your own “WOW!” moment.