Thursday, July 8, 2010

Meet Me At The Muny

Last Monday my family and I were able to go to the Muny to see “Titanic the Musical“. The play was one that wasn't based off of a movie, so it delivered a plot line that could give the audience a new perspective. I would give it four out of five stars due to slight language.

I especially enjoyed how it showed each class and its key characters, yet, it didn’t focus on the more famous passengers of the Titanic (i.e. Molly Brown was not even mentioned). They portrayed first class as the slightly scandalous but still, ever-so-fabulous millionaires, second class as the average person, wanting to be like the class above them, and third class as the ones just hoping for a better life. They even gave the audience a look at the crew, stokers, and one of the wireless officers.

I loved how it showed how reluctant and casual the passengers were when they were told to be ready to board the lifeboats and how the stewards had to restrain them when they realized the Titanic was really in danger. The Strausses were even given more than just a famous quote (a couple that I will discuss in another post).

Despite the historical inaccuracies, it was very neat to get to see. In fact, one of the first plays based on the Titanic was a musical.
I loved it!